“I believe this is the best stack India could have had during this period” – antidote | Orgless Five | DreamHack Delhi

We had a chance to talk to the Orgless Five roster after their exit from DreamHack Delhi, their last event as a stack. We talked about the journey as Orgless Five, the lack of support, the Indian scene and the road ahead.

TE: How does it feel to be part of an international event like DreamHack, especially the fact that it is happening in India?

antidote: It feels really good. We are the only team representing India in CSGO here. I was expecting more from us but we couldn’t qualify for the playoffs. We are happy with the performance because we had only one day of practice. All things into consideration, we did some damage and I am proud of my teammates.

TE: What did you make out as the difference between you guys and the international teams here at DreamHack Delhi?

antidote: The gameplan. I don’t think there was much difference in individual skill levels. You cannot play a total team game with just a day of practice under the belt.

TE: Along with the only Indian representation here, you guys were also the only team without the support of an organisation. You have been so for the longest of times and have still managed to dominate the Indian scene for a fair period. How hard was it to stick together and continue after Signify shut down their operations?

antidote: To be honest, it was really hard (for us). But, I believe this is the best stack India could have during this period. We all believed that and the belief made us stay together for such a long period. It was a very good run. I am proud of what we achieved during this period. We had to go our separate ways now and sign with organisations to survive and get ahead in the scene. But, it was a pleasure to share the server with these boys.

TE: Despite the continuous increase in organisations entering the Indian Esports scene, it was quite surprising to see you guys go so long without one. Why was it so?

antidote: I guess we were unlucky. We were in talks with a few organisations but could not close the deal.

HuNtR: Organisations don’t believe much in gaming (CSGO) right now. I think in another year or two, when more and more international events like these keep happening here, more organisations would come in to support the scene.

TE: What do you think of the investment coming in? Fnatic picked up an Indian PUBG Mobile squad. There are reports Vitality are planning to invest in India. Is the potential in the Indian Esports scene there for CSGO as well or is it booming for other games?

HuNtR: Esports is a spectator game. I think PUBG Mobile is attracting more viewership, hence the entry of so many sponsors and organisations. If that happens in CSGO – the various peripheral brands come in as sponsors – then we will see the Indian CSGO scene grow to be a better sport.

haiVaan: I think any coming investment from outside India is going to focus on hosting tournaments here due to the enormous fanbase and potential market opportunity. Esports wise, PUBG Mobile is likely to be the focus, if at all. Let’s see.

TE: Talking about you (HuNtR) individually, you were prevalent in the scene but then took a break to focus on your professional career in snooker. For the people who do not know about that side of your life, could you elaborate on that.

HuNtR: In 2016, I was the number 2 overall in senior category in snooker. I represented my country in 6-7 international events. I won 2 bronze medals – an Asian Championship and a World Championship.

TE: Are you back again for good?

HuNtR: Yes. You can say that.

TE: Coming to you HaiVaan, you were one of the OG Optic India members. You have done so much in the past year and more. Now, with the Orgless Five adventure coming to an end, what are your plans ahead?

haiVaan: Well, me and HuNtR have now joined U Mumba Esports. We will be looking to take whatever we have done so far forward under their banner and we hope to keep delivering performances for our fans to cherish.

TE: Coming to you, pashasahil, you are currently without an organisation. Are you actively seeking an opportunity to get back into the thick of things?

pashasahil: Yea, definitely. I am looking for an opportunity. I had a great period with Invictus earlier. I would really like to get my head down and focus on competing.

TE: Any parting message to all the fans who supported you through your journey as Orgless Five. Any shoutouts and message to the scene in general?

Orgless Five: Shoutout to all the Orgless fans. Thank you for the support. We hope we get a chance to play with the same lineup again under an organisation which will keep supporting us and not leave us in between. Keep supporting us in different teams.

haiVaan: It is definitely sad to part ways with this lineup, mostly because of the lack of support. But, a huge shoutout to all the fans and my teammates. Keep supporting us. Keep supporting CSGO. This is the game that has history. It’s been here for years. It’s not as big as PUBG Mobile in India right now. But, with everyone’s help, we can get there.

HuNtR: The Optic India thing helped the Indian scene to a huge extent. We got exposure. Sorry for my language but unfortunately, one guy fu*ked all of us, the entire scene. I would just like to request the international organisations to come forward and give us (the scene) another chance because everyone deserves a second chance in life. The talent is here as you can see. We just need more support.