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Will Mobile Esports Displace PC/Console Esports

The question arises with the arrival of cutting-edge technology that allows people to enjoy high-end video games on their portable devices, i.e., mobile phones. Various game developers have shifted their focus to designing video games for the audience playing on mobile phones. When playing on a mobile phone, you have the option of portability. On top of that, almost all games available on mobile devices are free. You have to pay a certain amount for most games on consoles and PC.

PC and Console (PlayStation, Xbox, etc.) have incredibly high-end games available due to their performance capacity. However, recent developments in the technology industry have also brought those high-end games to mobile phones. Mobile gaming presents a lot of choices.

From high-end games such as Call of Duty Mobile made specifically for mobile phones to best mobile casinos again specially made for mobile phones, the gaming industry has a lot to offer. This specific gaming area has witnessed a rapid increase in the gaming population. So, the question arises whether the limelight of Esports will shift from PC and Console to mobile. 

Current Situation:

PC and Console gaming has been around for a long time. It is famous all around the world. Private organizations own teams and hire individuals that compete in international tournaments under their brand name. Just like other sports, there are teams in esports as well.

It is a full-fledged sport as well. Games like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, etc., have matches at a global level. Cash prizes are also involved, and it garners attention from people worldwide. However, for people to usually play on a console and PC, they need to invest in specific devices. And it requires a decent amount of financial capability of an individual to play on such devices.

Esports requires practice. Players can only practice when they have access to particular devices. It constricts the number of people playing on such machines as not everyone has the financial means to engage in it. In contrast, mobile phones beat the PC and consoles in certain factors.

For example, mobile phones are comparatively affordable. A situation like this increases the reach of the market as more people can be a part of it. Mobile phones offer affordability with portability. In addition, with growing developments in the technological field, mobile phones also promise to not compromise on performance.

These factors make mobile gaming desirable for a lot of people. It proves as an opportunity to capitalize on evolution. If more people indulge in mobile gaming, more people would be interested in participating in tournaments which are nothing but Esports. However, this theory is not precisely the truth. There exist both sides of the argument. Some say that Mobile esports will displace PC and Console esports, the “traditional” esports. 

Two sides

The growing popularity of mobile gaming has pledged to increase mobile esports’ reach. When the focus shifts from PC and console to mobile, the companies will also prioritize where the situation favors them. More players mean a more profitable place as more people consume their products. While some people believe that mobile esports will steal the limelight of PC and Console Esports, some say that the industry of mobile gaming is far from achieving that feat.

PC and consoles provide players to be more precise as the controls are more sophisticated when compared to mobile gaming. Games played on PC and console suit professional gaming. Mobile gaming does have good settings too, but the optimal conditions for a professional are available on platforms other than mobile devices only at the moment. Also, the screens of mobiles are comparatively small. Another reason why some believe esports on mobile phones will not displace PC and console esports. 


While mobile esports is on the rise, there are more chances that PC and console esports will continue to exert their dominance as it is preferable for professionals. The optimal features and conditions of PC and consoles allow players to display their professional skills attained through hours and hours of gaming.

It will be interesting to see mobile esports become more prominent, but for now, it seems unlikely. The near future does hold potential for the shift in esports to occur.

David Wojnicki
David Wojnicki
"He who licks knives will soon cut his tongue."

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