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Super Bowl Betting vs Esports Betting: Which Is Bigger?

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Today, we’ll be delving into an age-old debate: sports vs. esports betting! We’ll look at the key distinctions between these two popular types of online betting, as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

As most of you are well aware, the esports betting market is expanding at a rapid pace. Experts believe that the overall value of the esports betting business will be over $2 billion by 2022, which is an astounding figure.

 To say the least, the Super Bowl is the most widely recognized championship event in American sports.

This might partially explain why many gamers continue to prefer betting on the Super Bowl over their favorite esports titles, which is unbelievable. Perhaps the distinctions between Super Bowl and esports betting will throw some light on the subject.

Betting on the Super Bowl vs. Esports | Similarities

Most people feel that Super Bowl betting and esports betting are completely contrary. However, this is not the case. Yes, there are several differences between the two, but there are also numerous commonalities.

That’s why we’ll start with the parallels between Super Bowl betting and esports betting before moving on to the differences!

Stats Availability

One of the most important variables in betting is the availability of facts. It defines the level of assurance you can have for any specific match. If there are websites that provide in-depth stats for recent games, you’ll be able to make a fact-based gamble. 

If you can’t discover comprehensive numbers or can only find the fundamental stats, such as the result, half-time result, and basic individual/team statistics, you’ll be dependent on chance for the most part, which isn’t entertaining.

Sports Betting Stats Sites

Sites dedicated to esports, contrary to common opinion, are quite detailed and simple to explore. They not only cover almost all esports events, but they also connect to other famous websites that specialize in certain esports titles.

Super Bowl bettors, on the other hand, rely primarily on the official league website for stats-crawling. However, sites like Odds Shark.com do a decent job of maintaining their statistical database up to date. Check out the site to get the latest Super Bowl odds.

To summarize this section of our Super Bowl vs. esports betting comparison, both offer good statistical availability. That notwithstanding, esports appear to have the upper hand with third-party websites that are far more structured than their traditional-sports equivalents.

A Lot of Betting Sites

There are various possibilities for online betting firms that offer both esports and Super Bowl odds. That simply goes to illustrate how far the esports betting business has come over the past few years. People who wanted to wager on esports had to find esports-specific betting platforms in the beginning.

Needless to say, that is no longer the case. All of the big brands in online betting provide betting odds for both esports and regular sports. They provide a diverse range of markets to explore, as well as in-depth coverage of some of the most important events on the esports calendar. 

Some sites (such as BetWay) take it a step further and include an esports center as well. 

So, in terms of betting sites, it’s reasonable to conclude that esports and regular sports such as Super Bowl are very similar.

Betting on the Super Bowl vs. Esports | Differences

Now that we’ve covered the main similarities between Super Bowl betting and Esports, let’s look at what sets them distinct!

Fatigue and the Risk of Injury

Basketball and NFL are all traditional sports with high injury and exhaustion risks. The top-tier leagues, in particular, are recognized for being exceedingly physically demanding. It’s tough to combine tight schedules, active games, and hard training sessions, so injuries and exhaustion are rather prevalent in the world of sports, which means bettors must keep an eye on them.

Injuries, on the other hand, are far more uncommon in the realm of esports betting. They do exist, to be sure, but not nearly as frequently as in traditional sports. Fatigue, on the other hand, can occur, although it is more likely to occur as a result of jet lag or as a result of crowded matches and constant traveling back and forth to attend LAN tournaments.

To cut a long tale short, both have weariness and injury, but they are produced by different sources and impact the players in different ways. Player injuries greatly impact the odds, with traditional sports like Super Bowl being the most affected. For this reason, punters often turn to esports betting in pursuit for better odds.

Volatility in the Ecosystem

Volatility is one of the most important factors of a niche’s success. To be more specific, integrity and volatility are critical factors. However, there are more levels to ecosystem volatility than meets the eye at first glance. So, let’s take a deeper look from the standpoint of Super Bowl vs. esports betting.

Everyone understands how the Super Bowl works, who the promotion and relegation candidates are, which teams have great expectations, which are projected to be in a severe slump, and which teams may masquerade as dark horses in top-tier events. 

Surprises do occur, but they aren’t often enough to pose a threat to Super Bowl betting aficionados.

In Esports, the story is entirely different. There’s a lot more mayhem, with plenty of Cinderella stories and plenty of shocks. Not to mention the fact that there are several events taking place at the same time and teams must choose which ones to attend. Needless to say, you won’t see anything like that in traditional sports.

The Other Significant Distinctions 

Super Bowl BettingEsports Betting
A single match determines the majority of eventsWith a match structure in place, complex betting is more typical in eSports

The superior team wins the majority of the time 

eSports betting is more reliant on chance
Sometimes there aren’t many betting possibilitiesWith defuse handicaps, bomb plant handicaps, and round handicaps, you have more betting alternatives
Existence of human interactionsDigital games and competitions


That is about it as far as examining the similarities and differences between these two forms of online betting is concerned. We hope the information presented will help you to determine which among the two forms of betting is bigger and better.

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