How Does Pay N Play Work?

Online gambling can be great fun. There’s no question about the absolute necessity of verifying every player’s ID. However, everyone who’s ever tried to register on any online casino knows that the verification process can be pretty dismaying.

Still, do we have to do it every time we create an account at a new casino? The answer is definitely “no”. What’s the way forward then?


Pay n Play is a platform developed by Trustly to congregate online gamblers and give them exclusive Bank IDs. Those IDs are used to make payments to associated casinos. Partner casinos can confirm the player’s details almost instantly, bypassing most of the registration process.

The whole point of this system is to shorten the registration process to no more than three clicks. In the highly competitive world of online casinos, every advantage matters. The ability to skip a bothersome registration process and make transactions seamlessly is a tremendous advantage.

More online casinos realize the benefits of this system, and this number is likely to rise. Search for “Pay n Play casino bonus“, and you’ll be amazed by the countless results you’ll find.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

The law known in the United States as Know Your Customer is part of the Patriotic Act. It’s an anti-money laundering law (AML), which makes banks and financial institutions (casinos included) verify every customer’s ID. Pretty much every country has a similar law.

Pay n Play makes everything quicker while being KYC compliant. It means that once your account, you can log in to any associated casino only with your Bank ID and a few steps. 

Straight to the Table

A system that allows players to jump to the fun part is always welcome. Once you’ve chosen your casino, you click on Play Now, make your deposit, and the system does the rest. Trustly’s encrypted system ensures the security of the whole operation.

So far, this system is mainly used in Northern European countries.

Even the government maintains a similar electronic registration of their citizens in Finland, easing their access to such entertainment. Additionally, such a centralised system helps to create a safe and transparent environment for casinos and gamblers. Here are Top 3 benefits of this system.

Swift Transactions

Financial operations are instant with Pay n Play! What’s best, there aren’t any fees attached. Also, forget about all the paperwork related to withdrawals, as this operation is also instant and free.

No Bother

Those times when you’ve had to undergo a KYC procedure for every single casino are gone now. You have already done so for your bank account, so why do it again? You play and let your casino and Pay n Play take care of the rest.


This platform is tailor-made for the younger generations. All operations are instant, and it’s also mobile-friendly!


While some existing casinos adopt this system partially, new ones are incorporating it entirely from the beginning. Avoid needless bureaucratic hassles and concentrate on what matters the most: the game! With so many benefits, we’re likely to see more Pay n Play casinos around soon.