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Biggest Esports Titles in Online Casinos & Betting Today

With the rise of esports, competitive games are permeating the mainstream media, now more than ever. This is one of the reasons that we are seeing an increase in the player base for many multiplayer titles. Although this often causes concerns among the parents of teens, it should be mentioned that professional gamers can earn a lot. Meaning, this is a viable career path and parents should figure out how to help their kids channel this ambition.  

Video games have also become popular among gamblers and bettors, especially during the lockdown. As these events and competitions were not as affected as some of the other popular sports, most of the casino players turned to online betting on esports events.  To that end, we will go over some of the most popular eSports games that you can bet on in an online casino.    

MOBA Games 

Multiplayer online battle arenas or MOBA games are one of the most popular genres in the esports world. In fact, it’s the popularity of this game genre that allowed eSports to become as huge as it is today. As far as the tournaments go, the biggest names in this category are without a doubt DOTA 2 and League of Legends. Both titles have a massive player base, and incredibly exciting eSports matches. Furthermore, the prize pools tend to be quite generous. 

Given the attention, these two games get it’s no wonder they rank at the very top in the sports betting world. Casino games are designed with a different philosophy in mind, but often their theme pays homage to the popular video games. So if you ever find yourself enjoying table or slot games at Netherlands online casinos, make sure to check if they have eSports betting options as well. In case they do, you will definitely find betting options for DOTA 2 or LOL matches. This is a good opportunity to change things a bit and wager on one of the teams. You might discover you also have a passion for MOBA genres. 

Sports Games 

The best way to get bettors interested in eSports is by allowing them to bet on the games that are similar to the ones they already watch. For that reason, FIFA, NBA, NHL, and NFL are extremely popular among the bettors. This also makes them some of the biggest games in online casinos. After all, there are lots of slots that are themed after these sports as well.  If you were to go on onlinecasinosbe.com and play at one of the gambling sites there you will surely find slots that have sports themes. This just goes to show how these correlations can be important for business and satisfying player experience. 

Battle Royal

Battle royale games are all about staying alive for as long as possible, and if you are the last man standing you win. This is why games like Fortnite and PUBG are extremely popular and competitive in the eSports betting world. Just like in the world of business you stay alive and relevant by eliminating the competition, and you do that by having more users or customers. 

This is why casinos are looking to eSports as it offers potential for them to expand their player base. 

Offering betting options for video game tournaments gives them a chance to attract more people that will ultimately check out the entertainment available in an online gambling parlour. It is why online casino Denmark platforms also offer betting options that include eSports. Chances are that while someone is waiting for the match to be over that they will play some of the casino games that don’t require full focus. Moreover, people who love eSports love competitive gaming, and they can find that in poker. Poker is also played online against other players and someone who loves competitive opponents is likely to give poker a try.    


To sum up, the popular eSports games in online casinos are Dota 2, League of Legends, Fifa, and Fortnite. The reason players find them appealing is that they make for a great competition and because some of them are designed after popular sports.

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