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Ninong Ering requests PM Modi to ban Battlegrounds Mobile India

Current Arunachal Pradesh MLA Ninong Ering today asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ban the relaunch of BGMI.

Ninong Ering; Former MP, Arunachal East Constituency and current MLA of Pasighat West, Arunachal Pradesh has presented an official letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging the connections of Krafton with Tencent and China.

He has requested the Prime Minister of India to ban Battlegrounds Mobile India on the grounds that it is a “big threat to the security of India & privacy of our citizens and a way to circumvent & disregard our laws.”

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the new battle-royale title announced by Krafton in India and it started with reforming the social media front of PUBG Mobile India to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Some of the posts made by its social media handle confirms that the game is quite similar to Krafton’s flagship title, PUBG Mobile.

Ninong Ering tweeted about the “Chinese deception” caused by the announcement of Battlegrounds Mobile India and attached a three-page later to address several issues which link Battlegrounds Mobile India and Krafton to PUBG Mobile and Tencent.

He stated that multiple companies connected to PUBG, including Krafton, Tencent and PUBG India Pvt. Ltd. are trying to sidestep Indian laws and deceive Indian citizens and government by relaunching the game with a new name.

He added that this is a “mere illusion and a trick to launch same game with minor modifications to collect user data of millions of our citizens and transfer it to foreign companies and Chinese government.”

Battlegrounds Mobile India Ban?

Ninong Ering’s writes to PM Modi to ban Battlegrounds India

Talking about the links between Krafton and Tencent, it was stated that Tencent is the second largest stakeholder in Krafton Inc.and the senior management hired by Krafton for their Indian office are ex-employees of Tencent as well. Tencent games is also flagged by several countries for its security concerns.

The inclusion of PUBG Mobile in the package URL of Battlegrounds Mobile India was also addressed in this letter.

Nodwin Gaming was also mentioned where it was stated that Nodwin will host PUBG servers and Krafton has recently invested in Nodwin Gaming, which works “very closely” with Tencent.

Concerns regarding the privacy policy of this new title were raised as well. These facts were brought together to conclude that Krafton and Nodwin Gaming are connected to Tencent.

The conclusion drawn from this letter is that according to the former MP, Battlegrounds Mobile India is just a renamed version of PUBG Mobile and minor tweaks are made to evade the ban-hammer.

Mr. Ering urged PM Modi to restrict the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India in the country based on all the factors mentioned above.

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