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Altenar Adds esports Odds from Oddin Via New Partnership

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Altenar’s iGaming software received a boost recently, with a deal signed that will integrate Oddin’s eSports odds to their service. The feed from Oddin will be connected to Altenar’s own feed, meaning that their clients will be able to access a wide range of previously unavailable esports betting odds. 

We have seen a huge rise in eSports betting over the past 18 months, with the industry taking advantage of events around the world by being able to continue from home, unlike most other sports. The betting industry was already involved with eSports, but now we are seeing more, with things such as betting offers on eSports freely available to customers.

Who Are Altenar?

Like many other companies, Altenar works in the background of the iGaming industry, and for that reason, many people do not know much about them. They were founded back in 2011, so have been in the industry for a decade now. Their focus is Europe, Africa, and Latin America, while they have developed a range of in-house software that powers data feeds for their clients. 

From now, thanks to this deal, the Oddin eSports odds feed will be available to Altenar clients for them to use as eSports continues to grow in the betting industry. 

Who Does Oddin Provide?

The Oddin odds feed is specifically designed for eSports, and covers a wide range of events, leagues and games. They are known to be used by many and are the preferred choice for eSports in the industry for many players, due to the strength of their service, which is built on the size of their coverage. 

They offer a live betting experience, aiming to attract the eSports fans who are perhaps younger, either in their very late teens or early 20s and their stream includes live streaming of games, live betting markets and huge coverage. 

Altenar state when signing the deal that many of their operators from all over the world had been asking for a better quality eSports product for their customers. The solution for Altenar was this partnership to bring Oddin on board and go with a trusted supplier rather than trying to create something themselves. 

Look out for hugely popular titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and Dota 2 as part of the service they are going to bring, with live odds available on these as well as pre-match.

We are continuing to see steps of progress by eSports in the betting industry. The cancellation of sport across 2020 certainly didn’t slow that down, with eSports being able to continue from home. Events were canceled, but there was no full stoppage, so betting providers could still offer odds and have something to show their customers who wanted to bet. 

The audience that eSports attracts is mainly millennials, so the betting service for eSports need to match that, something which Oddin have seemingly done brilliantly, and now Altenar is also offering.

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