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How Effect RES Works in Honkai Star Rail

In the dynamic universe of Honkai: Star Rail, players are introduced to a myriad of stats that can be both intriguing and overwhelming. One such stat that often goes unnoticed is the Effect RES. This article aims to shed light on the importance of Effect RES, how it influences gameplay, and why players should consider focusing on it during character building.

Understanding Effect RES:

Effect RES, short for Effect Resistance, is a unique stat in Honkai: Star Rail that determines the probability of a status effect being inflicted on a character. This stat can be enhanced through various means such as relics, light cones, and specific Eidolons like Gepard’s 4th Eidolon. Each element in the game can cause different status effects, and Effect RES plays a crucial role in mitigating these effects.

However, it’s important to note that Effect RES is not the same as Effect Hit Rate, although they are interconnected. While Effect Hit Rate increases the chances of successfully applying a status effect to the target, Effect RES reduces the likelihood of a status effect being inflicted on the character.

The Role of Effect RES in Gameplay:

Effect RES is not just beneficial for Ice characters, but it’s advantageous for all characters to have a high Effect RES to avoid unnecessary debuffs. Characters with high Effect RES can avoid debuffs like increased damage or being Frozen or Imprisoned. Some characters even have abilities to remove debuffs from teammates or buff themselves or the entire team to increase Effect RES.

For characters focusing on DPS roles, stats like ATK, Speed, Crit Rate, and Crit DMG may take precedence over Effect RES. However, characters specializing in defensive support roles, such as those from the Abundance and Preservation path, can significantly benefit from high Effect RES. It allows them to utilize their abilities more frequently by preventing strong debuffs like Frozen, which can disrupt the action order and potentially lead to an ally or themselves being knocked down.

Effect RES in Honkai: Star Rail is a complex yet crucial stat that can significantly influence gameplay. By understanding its role and how to optimize it, players can enhance their gaming experience and strategize better in battles. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, understanding and leveraging Effect RES can be a game-changer in your Honkai: Star Rail journey.

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