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Who is SkRossi? A Look at the Valorant Star Ganesh Gangadhar

Ganesh “SkRossi” Gangadhar is one of the most prominent figures in the Indian Valorant esports scene. He did not begin his journey with Valorant but rose to fame with his exceptional skills in the game, and etched his name in the Indian gaming community. Notably, he played a crucial part in securing a franchise slot for Global Esports in Valorant Champions Tour (VCT): Pacific. However, after three years with Global Esports, SkRossi is now playing professionally for Revenant Esports.

SkRossi’s Early Life and Esports Career

Born on 12th October, 1997, SkRossi’s passion for gaming started at a young age when he started playing games at cyber cafes. Like most other Valorant pros, he also started his esports journey with Counter-Strike 2. Within a short period of time, he became a popular player in India back in 2019. However, with the launch of Valorant in 2020, he switched to Valorant. Notably, he was quick to adapt the new game and became the second player in India to achieve the Radiant rank, after Rite2Ace. 

With his growing influence in the Valorant community, SkRossi built a new team and joined Global Esports in October 2020. Notably, this new team won the first tournament they played – Skyesports Championship 2.0 – Phase 2. Thus, proving itself the best in the game. Following this, the team played a couple of more tournaments in 2020 and secured podium finishes in most of them.

2021 was the year where everything changed for SkRossi and Global Esports. With SkRossi as the team’s star player, Global Esports dominated the Indian Valorant scene. It won numerous tournaments, including The Esports Club Invitational, The Esports Club Invitational – Season 2, and many others. Notably, Global Esports also shone bright in VALORANT Conquerors Championship (VCC), clinching the title to qualify for VCT 2021: APAC Last Chance Qualifier. However, the team got eliminated in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals of VCT 2021: APAC Last Chance Qualifier.

Global Esports continued its domination in 2022, where it won numerous titles, including Skyesports Souvenir 2022 – Mumbai, Skyesports Champions Series, and more. In late 2022, Riot Games announced Global Esports as one of the 10 franchised teams in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT): Pacific. 

Unfortunately, 2023 was quite tough for the team despite a new international roster. The team finished at 8th position VCT 2023: Pacific League out of 10 participating teams. After a series of unsatisfying performances, SkRossi parted ways with Global Esports in November 2023.

SkRossi joined Revenant Esports in January 2024, and since then has played VALORANT Challengers 2024 South Asia: Split 1 – Cup 1, where the team finished at 3rd position. 

Individual accolades:

Throughout his tenure with Global Esports, SkRossi won numerous Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards in different tournaments, including Skyesports League 2021, VALORANT Conquerors Championship, Skyesports Souvenir 2022 – Mumbai, and more. Notably, he was also awarded Esports Athlete of the Year at the India Gaming Awards Season 2.

SkRossi’s Social Media Presence

Apart from competitive gaming, SkRossi has also carved out a significant presence on social media platforms. His YouTube channel, SkRossi, boasts 158k subscribers as of writing this article, where he shares gameplay highlights, strategies, and live streams. On the other hand, Jonathan has 57.4k followers on his Instagram handle.

SkRossi’s Estimated Earnings

According to Social Blade, his YouTube channel boasts a substantial income, ranging between $1.1K (₹91,482) and $18.3K (₹15,21,941) annually.

Furthermore, his prowess in esports has proven to be financially rewarding, with Liquipedia reporting earnings of $27,633 from competitive gaming victories alone. 

While these numbers offer insights into Jonathan’s financial success, they should be regarded as rough estimates rather than exact figures.

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