Where to find soccer player characters in Fortnite?

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Fortnite recently released the PSG Superstar Neymar Jr skin in the game, there are certain challenges that the players have to complete in order to obtain the skin. 

The players have to complete five quests given to them by one of the three Fortnite Soccer Player characters. Usually, players want to stay away from the sweaty soccer skins, but now they will have to go hunting for them.

Dirty Docks Soccer Player

The Fortnite Soccer Player character is located on the far east side of the map at Dirty Docks. The soccer player will be on the east side of the docks directly facing south of the large warehouse building.

Pleasant Park Soccer Player

One of the soccer players is located right in the middle of Pleasant Park’s field which already has dozens of players who are all trying to complete their challenges. 

Holly Hedges Soccer Player

The last soccer player is located at Holly Hedges. The character is located on the small soccer field which is outside the easternmost house. Holly Hedges is located on the west side of the map and the addition of the Soccer Player has made it a popular spot. 

The biggest challenge in finding the Fortnite Soccer Player characters is not just being on the locations as they are quite easy to find. Although the enemy players have made a habit of killing the NPCs before another player can use them. 

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