What Does MonkaS Mean in Twitch Chat?


If you’ve been following Twitch streamers for a while, or simply watching esports tournaments on the platform recently, chances are that you’ve already come across the word ‘monkaS’ on more than one occasion in the Twitch chat. If you’re curious about what the word ‘monkaS’ means in Twitch chat, we have you covered. Here’s all you need to know about ‘monkaS’, its origins, what it means, and when you should use it.

MonkaS Meaning in Twitch Chat

Most new Twitch users might be unaware of the fact that monkaS is, in fact, an emote. However, unlike most other Twitch emotes, monkaS, along with some similar emojis don’t show up in the Twitch chat unless you have a specific browser extension enabled. The browser extension named BetterTwitchTV or FrankerFaceZ enables Twitch viewers to post emotes that aren’t available in Twitch itself.

MonkaS is a BetterTwitchTV emote that depicts Pepe the frog looking nervous and sweating. This is why the Twitch chat often spams monkaS when an anxious or scary situation is going on during the stream.

For instance, monkaS is often seen being spammed during gambling streams. It is also seen when streamers are playing an intense horror game. The emote was originally uploaded in 2016 by a user named ‘Monkasen’, from where the prefix ‘monkaS’ could have come from.