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How To Get Valorant Profile Effects & Decorations on Discord

Discord has teamed up with Riot Games to release an all-new avatar decoration pack and profile effects based on the competitive shooter Valorant. The collaboration brings several Valorant-themed profile effects and avatar decorations to Discord that users can purchase to spice up their profiles.

For the uninitiated, profile effects and avatar decorations were introduced to Discord back in November 2023 to provide users with an additional layer of customization for their profiles. These cosmetics are generally anywhere between $5.99 and $11.99, with Nitro users receiving discounts when buying them.

Are you curious to find out more about how to get the newly added Valorant cosmetics on Discord? We have you covered.

How To Get Discord Valorant Pack

To get the Valorant-themed profile effects and avatar decorations on Discord, users can head over to the ‘Shop’ section located towards the top left of the main page.

From there, users can choose from five new avatar decorations and three new profile effects based on Valorant Agents that have been added to Discord as part of a recent update.

The limited-time decorations will only be up for sale until May 7, 2024, and can be purchased directly from the Discord client.

Discord Valorant Collab: Price of the Cosmetics

Here’s a list of all the Valorant-themed avatar decorations and profile effects on Discord:

Avatar decorations

  • A Hint of Clove
  • Omen’s Cowl
  • Reyna’s LEer
  • Blade Storm

Profile effects

valorant discord avatar
  • Clove’s Ruse
  • The Immortal Clove
  • ACE

Each cosmetic can be purchased by non-nitro users for a price of $15.99, while Nitro users receive a discount and can buy them for $11.99.

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