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How to Fix Valorant Error Code 59?

Valorant is plagued with issues that prevent players from enjoying the game to its fullest and the latest one to surface is the infamous Error Code 59.

Error Code 59 has been around the block for quite some time but unfortunately, there is no clear fix. Had you been playing Valorant for a long time, chances are you have come across this quite a few times. As frustrating as it is, the fixes are relatively straightforward. Although there is no official word from Riot, a chain of positive results has made us believe they would fix the problem for you too.

What is Valorant error code 59?

Error code 59 is the indicator for ‘LoginQueueFetchTokenFailure’. This error stops you from getting into the game as you are stuck on the loading screen.

byu/Coaxd from discussion

The first thing that you should do in case this happens to you is to force quit the game and try restarting it while making sure your computer has a proper internet connection. If this doesn’t work then restart your computer and hopefully, this will do it. However, once final resort would be to reinstall the anti-cheat and that should do it.

This issue has persisted for years and arises from time to time which begs the question if this method will work every time. So far, users have reported that these methods have fixed said issue. Let us know if this does the job for you.

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