Subway Surfers: How to Unlock each and every in-game character

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The massively popular Subway runner from a decade ago, Subway Surfer recently celebrated its 10th year anniversary. Subway Surfer is one of the earliest Play Store hits and now sits comfortably among modern games with more than 3 billion downloads and many active players. 

While the key element of escaping a grumpy Inspector and his dog while surfing over upcoming trains and obstacles have remained the same, the game has added various characters aside from the starting character.

Even though the character that you choose to play with has no impact on the overall gameplay, sometimes you might want to change things and start a new playthrough with another character. 

There are 30 characters in the game which includes the base character that is unlocked by default. So now you just need to unlock 29 more characters via completing challenges, using different in-game currencies, seasonal rewards, or purchasing from the store for real money. 

How to unlock all Characters in Subway Surfers

First, go to the ME section from the in-game home screen. Now go to the characters Tab and see what characters need to be unlocked. You might be able to unlock some characters right away with some coins, keys,etc.

Below is the list of all characters and what they need to unlock:

  1. Jake – Always Unlocked (Default Character)
  2. Boombot – Available for Free in the ME section
  3. Dino – Login with Facebook and acquire it for Free.
  4. Lucy – 7,000 Coins
  5. Tagbot – 12,000 Coins
  6. Ninja – 20,000 Coins
  7. Tasha – 30,000 Coins
  8. Frank – 40,000 Coins
  9. King – 80,000 Coins
  10. Jack – 95,000 Coins
  11. Wayne – 100,000 Coins
  12. Zoe – 120,000 Coins
  13. Ela – 150,000 Coins
  14. Brody – 350,000 Coins
  15. Prince K – 980,000 Coins
  16. Miss Maia – 100 Keys
  17. Pride Tricky – 33,000 Limited-Time Event Coins/ 476 Keys
  18. Pride Jake – 34,000 Limited-Time Event Coins/ 481 Keys.
  19. Pride Yutani – 35,000 Limited-Time Event Coins/ 485 Keys.
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