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How to Split Items in Minecraft PE?

Despite having simple gameplay and being a sandbox game, many users have trouble using some aspects of Minecraft on smartphones. Additionally, separating objects on mobile devices is one of the most difficult tasks. We’ll talk about how to split objects in this post when playing mobile versions of Minecraft.

In the game, 64 identical blocks may be collected in total. However, there are certain game-related circumstances in which you do not have to exhaust the full stack. For instance, splitting stuff is your sole choice when you wish to craft items or drop a tiny portion of your resources to a colleague. It allows you to quickly obtain the necessary quantity of a given resource.

How to Split Items in Minecraft PE?

Open the inventory first, and then put the resource you wish to split here. Once the distinctive green bar shows on the screen, push and hold this item down. The amount of resources you want to split is shown by this bar. You will receive half of the resource after dividing it once it has reached the halfway point.

After releasing the hold tap on an empty spot in your inventory when the green ball is complete. Additionally, take in mind that while splitting the resource, it may be difficult to get the appropriate quantity. As a result, successfully splitting things in Minecraft PE may take many tries. Only keep your finger on the necessary item, then let go when the green bar is fully filled.

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