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How to Complete Raphinha TOTS SBC in FIFA 23?

Raphinha, the talented right winger, has taken the FIFA 23 gaming community by storm with his exceptional performances in the La Liga this season. His impressive contributions, including helping Barcelona secure the league title after his transfer from Leeds United, have not gone unnoticed. As a result, FIFA has honored Raphinha with a Team of the Season Squad Building Challenge (SBC) card.

In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to complete the FIFA 23 TOTS Raphinha SBC and explore the rewards associated with each segment.

How to Complete Raphinha TOTS SBC in FIFA 23?

Part 1: A Strong Start

To kick off the SBC, you’ll need to assemble a squad with a minimum squad rating of 85. One player from either the Team of the Week or the Team of the Season is required, and chemistry is not a concern. Completing this segment will reward you with a Small Prime Gold Players Pack, providing you with an opportunity to bolster your squad.

Part 2: Embrace the Barcelona Connection

In the second segment, you are required to include a minimum of one FC Barcelona player in your squad, with a squad rating of 86. Similar to the first segment, chemistry is not a factor here. By successfully completing this segment, you’ll be rewarded with a Premium Electrum Players Pack, which could contain valuable assets for your team.

Part 3: Emphasize the Brazilian Flavor

To proceed further, you’ll need to include at least one Brazilian player in your squad, with a squad rating of 87. Just like in the previous segments, chemistry is not a concern. Completion of this segment will earn you a Prime Electrum Players Pack, opening doors to even more exciting possibilities for your squad.

Part 4: The LaLiga Showdown

In the final segment, you must have at least one player from the LaLiga Santander and one Team of the Week or Team of the Season player in your squad. The squad rating requirement for this segment is 88, and chemistry remains unaffected. Upon completing this segment, you’ll receive a coveted Rare Mixed Players Pack, which may contain valuable items to enhance your team’s overall strength.

Although Raphinha’s SBC card offers an opportunity to acquire a valuable addition to your team, it is important to note its limitations. The card lacks top-tier shooting and passing attributes, and disappointingly, Raphinha did not receive any upgrades to his weak foot or skill moves. However, for players seeking a fun and versatile option for their Brazilian or Barcelona teams, Raphinha’s SBC card presents an exciting prospect, provided they are willing to invest the required coins or player cards.

The FIFA 23 Team of the Season SBC featuring Raphinha is an excellent opportunity to add a powerful player to your squad. By carefully completing each segment, you can secure valuable rewards such as Small Prime Gold Players Packs, Premium Electrum Players Packs, Prime Electrum Players Packs, and Rare Mixed Players Packs. Don’t miss out on this chance to enhance your team’s lineup. Act fast, as Raphinha’s SBC will expire on May 26 at 1 p.m. ET.

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