Phasmophobia crucifix

In only a few weeks since its initial release on September 18th, Kinetic Games’ co-op ghost-hunting title Phasmophobia has become the talk of the town. In a short time span, it has attained a player base of hundreds of thousands of people that continues to grow with every passing day. The game requires players to band together to hunt down a ghost before it manages to kill all of them.

The Crucifix is a purchasable item in Phasmophobia that is used to prevent the Ghost from entering into a Hunt and killing you.

How to use the Phasmophobia crucifix

To be able to successfully stop a hunt using the Crucifix, it must be in the vicinity of the ghost when it starts the hunt. The ghost checks if it’s in the range of the Crucifix while starting a hunt. If it is, the hunt doesn’t begin and the lights are turned off. One or two charges of the Crucifix are lost in the process.

The Crucifix has a range of 3 meters for most ghosts and 5 meters for the Banshee.

It is believed that if the Crucifix stops a hunt, the Total Activity chart will show 10 very briefly and then drop sharply.

The best way to use the Crucifix is to place it in the center of a small room. However, some argue that the crucifix also works while held in the hand.

Keep in mind that there isn’t any indication if a Crucifix charge has been used as of yet, but the devs are working on a way to solve this problem.