Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus Event: All You Need to Know

Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus

With the release of Overwatch: Season 2, a new limited-time mode called Battle for Olympus is now available for a limited amount of time.

In keeping with the season’s mythology theme, Ilios’ Ruins will serve as the setting for the Battle of Olympus, which will feature seven players decked out in full Greek garb. Here is all we know about the Battle for Olympus game mode.

Olympus’s time-bound event drop date: 

The event will take place over the course of the subsequent two weeks. The five-day launch of Battle for Olympus and its subsequent nineteen-day run will occur on January 5 and 19, respectively. 

There will be a variety of skins and bundles available for purchase at the event, all of which will be featured in the upcoming Arcade game mode.

While Blizzard has remained mum on the specifics of the new game mode that will be featured in Battle for Olympus, hints were dropped in the Overwatch season 2 announcement Blizzard blog.

“These heroes and several others will be imbued with awesome god-like powers in our new Battle for Olympus game mode,” Blizzard wrote.

An Overview of the Overwatch 2: Battle for Olympus Gameplay

Free-for-all deathmatch mode called “Battle for Olympus” features seven Heroes, each with their own set of “reimagined” abilities based on their mythological namesake. 

You’ll have a limited selection of characters including Junker Queen, Pharah, Widowmaker, Lucio, Reinhardt, Ramattra and Roadhog. Here are some of their reimagined powers:

1. Zeus Junker Queen: Smite enemies with Commanding Shout

2. Minotaur Reinhardt: Charge in quick succession

3. Cyclops Roadhog: Shoots boulders

4. Hades Pharah: Shoots 3 Rockets

The gameplay preview suggests that the mode will be played on Illios Ruins and Château Guillard. Watch the promotional video for the time-sensitive event below:

The trailer reveals a brand-new look for the heroes of Overwatch, one that takes inspiration from ancient Greece. And the divine enhancements really pack a punch.

The new game mode will be a free-for-all mode and as well as new skins and power ups, lots of unique audio and character lines will feature throughout.

Here are all the weapon skins coming to the event:

1. Zeus Junker Queen (Mythic)

2. Medusa Widowmaker (Legendary)

3. Hermes Lucio (Legendary)

4. Minotaur Reinhardt (Legendary)

5. Cyclops Roadhog (Legendary)

6. Hades Pharah (Legendary)

7. Poseidon Ramattra (Legendary

Blizzard Entertainment has also planned a global leaderboard of eliminations for the limited-time mode. There will be a statue erected in Ilios in honor of the Hero who has the most kills.

The three Premium battlepass tiers required to obtain Poseidon Ramattra, Hades Pharah, and Zeus Junker Queen are Level 20, Level 60, and Level 80, respectively. In the next few hours, Blizzard will launch the event in Overwatch 2, so take advantage of the remaining Winter Wonderland time and get ready for a small patch.

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