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Do you need PS Plus to play Overwatch 2?

Ever since Overwatch 2 launched, it has been queried several times whether it would be available on PS Plus? PS Plus is similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold subscription in exchange for online play. 

The fact that Overwatch 2 is primarily a multiplayer online game has led some PS4 and PS5 console owners to wonder if they need to be PS Plus members to play the game.

Overwatch took everyone by storm in 2015, and its sequel, Overwatch 2 was brought to life in 2022, 7 years after its prequel’s release. While Blizzard’s newest multiplayer offering, Overwatch, has had its share of issues since its release, Overwatch 2 is expected to be a welcome change of pace for players.

Players in Overwatch 2 would experience a whole new set of maps, new characters, and different play styles.  But some PlayStation owners have grown worried about whether Overwatch 2 would be available to them via PS Plus?

Is PlayStation Plus required for Overwatch 2 play?

It is indeed a triumph for PlayStation Console players as Overwatch 2 won’t demand any PS Plus subscription if you decide to play it on your PlayStation Console. However, most free-to-play games do not necessitate a PS Plus membership, most specifically online multiplayer games as they are played out by a plethora of players including streamers and content creators. 

Players can now enjoy Overwatch 2 on their consoles without any hesitations about getting themselves a monthly subscription. However, many players are counting on Blizzard to swiftly address the issue of longer-than-usual queue periods and server interruptions.

Due to the game’s free-to-play policy, the game monetizes primarily through the sale of in-game cosmetics and other items. It’s possible that Blizzard will reverse course and decide to alter this strategy in the future, but it’s also highly unlikely that this will be the outcome.

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