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How To Get a “Right-hand Advantage” at Winning the Mrbeast Fortnite Tournament?

A bug that doesn’t improve gameplay was just discovered. Even so, it’s entertaining to observe how it turns out when done well. The player has an additional field of view to look at them since it is more oriented toward the visual ground. In the MrBeast costume, the Glitch King, a bug reported by YouTuber GKI, players may make their right hand vanish.

The MrBeast skin and the Beast Claws pickaxe must both be worn in the player’s Fortnite locker in order to trigger this bug. Additionally, this can only happen in Creative mode since they must switch the cosmetic through a changing booth.

On the MrBeast Extreme Survival Challenge Creative map, Fortnite players may take advantage of this bug. They are getting ready for the next $1 million competition. They can expand their range of vision without impeding right-hand movement.

How to perform Mrbeast Right-hand Advantage in Fortnite?

Players must first own the Mr. Beast skin and the Beast Claws pickaxe from the Item Shop in order to use this bug. Then, in order to access a Creative map, they will need to equip both of the cosmetics in their Fortnite locker. You’ll find a locker on the MrBeast Extreme Survival Challenge map, and you may use this glitch there in the pre-match lobby, for those who were curious. Then, gamers must proceed to and enter a changing room.

After entering inside the booth, a menu for their locker will appear, allowing them to make any desired cosmetic changes. Swap the equipped Beast Claws pickaxe on your right hand for any other one in your locker by going to the Pickaxe category. Press Apply, then press Escape to leave the booth.

When you leave, you’ll see that the bottom right arm of the Mr. Beast costume is no longer visible. Furthermore, you won’t be able to observe any hands. Any pickaxe or weapon you equip will be shown hovering in midair without assistance from a hand.

Although the exploit is not assured to work for everyone, you may test it out on different Creative islands to see whether it works as intended.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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