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Minecraft Villager Jobs: Full List and Guide

Don’t be satisfied with lengthy lists of things to explore or defeat and the worlds you can investigate, Minecraft is filled with villagers you can interact with. at least a handful of villagers are definitely worth getting involved with due to their many tasks.

A complete list of the villagers in Minecraft The number of people you talk to and meet can give greater depth and variety to your game. You can trade with specific villagers who can help to complete your mission, as certain have exclusive items available for sale.

Learn all there is to be aware of concerning Minecraft Villagers and their jobs such as which villager is worth talking to and which ones are better off not talking to.

How Many Villager Jobs Are There In Minecraft?

It is currently possible to find 15 jobs for villager in Minecraft. This list contains all possible jobs villages can be employed in.

If you’re looking for a specific job, it is necessary to put the block that matches the job you want on the right side of the Unemployed Villager.

The position assigned for the villager’s job will decide what kind of work they’ll be able to provide.

If you don’t have an unemployed Villager, you may destroy the job block that a villager has used. If you aren’t able to get the trades you want from villager, cut off the job block and then put it back to replenish their trades.

Types of villagers in Minecraft

  • Armorer – Offers armor, and even Chainmail.
    Job Block: Blast Furnace
  • Butcher – Offers emeralds and cooked meat.
    Job Block: Smoker
  • Cartographer – Offers Maps and Banner Paterns.
    Job Block: Cartography Table
  • Cleric – Offers magical items, and even Bottle o’ Enchanting.
    Job Block: Brewing Stand
  • Farmer – Offers advanced food, and even brewing ingredients.
    Job Block: Composter
  • Fisherman – Offers fish, and even an enchanted Fishing Rod.
    Job Block: Barrel
  • Fletcher – Offers bows, arrows, flint, and even Tipped Arrows.
    Job Block: Fletching Table
  • Leatherworker – Offers Leather Armor, Horse Armor, and even Saddles.
    Job Block: Cauldron
  • Librarian – Offers Enchanted Books and even Name Tags.
    Job Block: Lectern
  • Mason – Offers cut versions of blocks/bricks.
    Job Block: Stonecutter
  • Nitwit – Offers nothing. Essentially useless.
    Job Block: N/A
  • Shepherd – Offers varying colored wools and paintings.
    Job BLock: Loom
  • Toolsmith – Offers tools of varying quality, even enchanted!
    Job Block: Smithing Table
  • Unemployed – Offers nothing, but can be employed.
    Job Block: N/A
  • Weaponsmith – Sells Iron and Diamond Swords/Axes, even enchanted!
    Job Block: Grindstone
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