Minecraft: How to fast level up your villager to Master tier 

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Villagers in Minecraft are some of the best ways to acquire a number of rare items with great enhancements. The higher the tier of villagers the better will be trades offered by them. Certain villagers at the master level will offer amazing trades such as enchanted diamond chestplates, enchanted diamond pickaxes, and even enchanted books.

Getting a master-level villager early on will immensely help in late-game challenging content and farming. Luckily, there is a path that players can take advantage of to quickly level their villagers to the master level.

Leveling up Minecraft villagers to the master level

Each villager has 5 tiers and usually starts at the Novice level. Each tier requires a certain amount of XP to advance to the next tier. Listed below are the amounts of XP required to progress to each villager level:

  • Novice: 0 XP
  • Apprentice: 10 XP
  • Journeyman: 70 XP
  • Expert: 150 XP
  • Master: 250 XP

The profession of a villager dictates its trading pool. Upon receiving a new profession, the appearance and trading interface of the villager changes. Novice villagers at 0 XP and no trades can also change their profession by removing their job site block and placing a new one. Remember that once you trade with a Novice villager the profession becomes permanent and subsequently locks in the offered trades

While the XP to level up each tier may seem like alot at first, the villager will get XP for each successful trade. While not all trades are equal, the general rule is that buying items from them with Emerald yields more XP than selling items to them.

Resource-wise, the easiest villagers to acquire the master level are stonemason, librarian, armorer, weaponsmith, and toolsmith. Two villagers and their recommended trades to repeat are listed below:

  • Stonemason: 10 clay for one emerald (2 XP), repeat trade until apprentice level, then repeat 20 stone for one emerald trade (10 XP) until master level.
  • Librarian: repeat 24 papers for one emerald trade (2 XP) until apprentice level, then repeat 4 books for one emerald trade (10 XP) until master level.

This technique can be used for every villager type. After a certain number of trades, the villager will disable his offer and will only offer it up to 2 times per day. This technique can be used for every villager type until the trade is blocked for the day. Take note that the item the villager actually wants would give more exp than other items. For example, giving coal to a novice armorer yield 2 XP instead of the usual 1.

Using the above technique, it should not take more than a few in-game days to acquire the master level on at least one villager.

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