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How to download Minecraft 1.19 on every platform?

Before version 1.20 of the game is published somewhere in 2023, version 1.19 of Minecraft, popularly known as The Wild Update, is the most recent significant content update to the game.

Version 1.19 is very simple to buy and download on a variety of platforms, and it takes just a few minutes for gamers interested in playing it. Even if you haven’t played the game in a while, you may update to version 1.19+ and start playing right away after a brief download.

In this article, we will discuss how to get Minecraft 1.19 on every platform.

How to get Minecraft 1.19 on PC?

Choose the “get Minecraft” button on the home page of Minecraft.net. Choose the console (computer) and the game edition that you want to buy. Java and the Bedrock Edition are included in the same purchase.

Once your transaction is complete, open the game launcher that you downloaded. Select the green install button after choosing the Java or Bedrock game edition you wish to play. The install button should change to a play button after a brief download. If you open the launcher, the game will automatically update to the most recent version.

How to get Minecraft 1.19 on Console?

Open your virtual shop (PS Store, Xbox Marketplace, Nintendo eShop) and search bar from your console’s dashboard or main menu. Press Enter after typing “Minecraft” into the search box. Quickly after clicking, the game’s thumbnail should show; click it to see the game’s page.

To start the download, click the page’s associated buy or download button and input your payment details. When the download is finished, go back to your dashboard and choose the game. To make sure the game is running on version 1.19 or higher, it might first need to apply a brief update.

How to get Minecraft 1.19 on Mobile?

Search for Minecraft on Google Play or the Apple App Store by opening their respective platforms. Click the “Get/Download” button on the game’s website to launch it. Your payment information must be entered before the app can start to download.

The game will automatically download with the most recent stable build, so you shouldn’t have to manually upgrade it to 1.19. Play the game by launching it.

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