How to Knock Down a Timber Pine in Fortnite?

timber pine fortnite

Timber Pines stand tall among the trees on Fortnite’s map, surpassing others in height. As part of the exciting Star Wars Find The Force Quests in Chapter 4 Season 2, players are challenged to utilize their Force ability or Lightsaber to bring down a mighty Timber Pine tree. In this article, we will discuss how to knock down a Timber Pine in Fortnite. Keep reading till the end!

This time, Timber Pines are distributed quite evenly throughout the Fortnite map. While they may not be found in the field or snowy regions of the island, they are abundant in the dry and orange areas.

How to Knock Down a Timber Pine in Fortnite?

To topple these trees, players can employ a Harvesting Tool. However, instead of vanishing completely, the trees transform into sizable logs that can be rolled across the map. Caution must be exercised while felling these trees, as they can cause damage if they strike the player. The trajectory of the falling tree aligns with the player’s facing direction when delivering the final blow.

To knock down Timber Pines, one must first acquire a Lightsaber or Force Ability from a Rift Gate and then follow the mentioned steps below:

  • Make your way to a Rift Gate location.
  • Engage with the Rift Gate to obtain a Lightsaber or Force ability.
  • Proceed to one of the designated Timber Pine areas.
  • Utilize the power of your Lightsaber or Force ability to bring down a towering Timber Pine.

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