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Is Escape From Tarkov Free Game?

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore, multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Battlestate Games. It puts players in intense combat situations as they fight for survival in the Russian city of Tarkov. The game offers a wide variety of weapons, attachments, armor, items, and consumables for players to customize their character’s loadout.

Is Escape From Tarkov Free To Play?

Escape from Tarkov is not available as a free-to-play game and players will have to purchase the game in order to play it. The developers, Battlestate Games, have not announced any plans to make the game free in the future. Therefore, if you want to experience the game, you will have to pay for it.

What Is The Price Of Escape Of Tarkov?

When purchasing Escape from Tarkov, players are given instant access to the game’s closed beta. Each bundle also comes with a selection of additional items, often in varying quantities. The Standard Edition will suffice for most players, but those who choose the Edge of Darkness Limited Edition will have free access to all future DLC. To download the game, players must first register an account on the official website.


The basic version of Escape from Tarkov is known as the Standard Edition. It can be pre-ordered for $49.99 on the official website. This edition includes:

  • Guaranteed instant access to the closed beta
  • Digital copy preload
  • Increased size of stash (10×28 cells)
  • Bonus equipment includes an ER bayonet, pistols, tactical equipment, ammunition, food supplies, medical supplies, 300k roubles, and the AKS74U.


The Left Behind Edition of Escape from Tarkov includes all the features from the Standard edition as well as additional specific features. It is available for pre-order at $74.99.

  • Guaranteed instant access to the closed beta
  • Digital copy preload
  • Increased size of stash (10×36 cells)
  • Bonus equipment includes an ER bayonet, pistols, extra tactical equipment, ammunition, extra food supplies, extra medical supplies, 400k roubles
  • 1 AK74N with 22 magazines
  • One RGD-5 grenade
  • 1 extra MBSS Backpack (4*4 slots)
  • 1 Salewa first aid kit


The Prepare for Escape edition offers more features and upgrades than the other two editions, and is available for $99.99.

  • Guaranteed instant access to the closed beta 
  • Digital copy preload
  • Bigger size of the stash (10×46)
  • Bonus equipment includes an ER bayonet, pistols, extended tactical equipment, ammunition, extended food supplies, extended medical supplies, 400k roubles, the AKS74U, the AK74N, the Vityaz or HKMP5 SMG, RGD-5 grenades, 1000 dollars, and the AK74 M1-B handguard.


The Edge of Darkness edition is the most comprehensive edition of Escape from Tarkov. It includes all the features of the base game, as well as 10 bonus inventory slots and an instant season pass. It is available for $139.99, which is a significant cost for a beta version of the game.

  • Guaranteed instant access to the closed beta
  • Digital copy preload
  • Largest available size of stash (10×66)
  • Bonus equipment along with a tactical tomahawk, $3000, a Kiver helmet, a reflex sight, a morphine injector, an SV98 sniper rifle, hybrid silencers, 6B43 6A body armor, the MPX machine gun, a special in-game ID, and free access to all upcoming DLC
  • 1 Alfa tactical rig
  • SilencerCo Hybrid 46 silencer
  • SilencerCo Hybrid 46 silencer adaptor
  • A 3*3 pistol case
  • 2 Morphine Injectors
  • 1 M4 LOVA-S Handguard
  • Grizzly First aid kit
  • An MPX Submachine gun along with 2 loaded magazine

In conclusion, Escape from Tarkov offers different editions at varying prices ranging from $49.99 to $139.99. The cost of the game depends on the inclusion of features in each edition. Regardless of the edition, Escape from Tarkov is considered one of the best shooting games ever created. The gameplay experience can vary depending on the edition you choose and whether or not you decide to purchase additional items.

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