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Photo mode in Cyberpunk 2077 explained

Much like Nvidia Ansel, Cyberpunk 2077 offers a photo mode where players can take pictures inside the game. Night City looks stunning enough to deserve a feature galore camera mode. Let alone the whole city, even the passageways are photogenic, which explains why everyone is taking snaps left right, and center.


To take a snap, to binds are spacebar for PC, X for an Xbox controller, and Square for PlayStation. The camera module offers two modes, one capture’s V’s first-person POV while the other is a drone that can move around V and take shots of various angles from different elevations, however, the later offers positional versatility at the cost less editing options.

The camera module offers four tabs in Depth of Field, Pose, Effect and Stickers for customization. The depth of field tab does exactly what the name suggests. It allows you to control the blur around your plane of focus, making the subject stand out from the background. The pose tab is something never seen in a videogame before. It lets you decide the pose of a certain subject. Primarily, it lets you chose from a wide range of poses and also helps the subject look more animated, making the picture much more cinematic.

The Effects tab offers a wide range of color options in brightness, grain, filter, contrast, highlights, and chromatic aberration. Each and every effect brings about a significant change to the photo which can either make it look stunning or look hilariously overedited. Finally, the Sticker tabs has 5 different categories of the sticker, with each of them having tons of stickers that can be applied in any shape or direction of your choice.

The final tab lets you save option lets you to save 3 raw image to edit later. Everything including the pose can be decided and edit later at a convenient time; a clean and nifty feature to save time during missions.

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