How to set up Minecraft server for free using Minehut?

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Millions of players across the world enjoy playing Minecraft, one of the finest survival games. To play Minecraft with your friends, however, you must set up your own private server, unlike other multiplayer games. In addition, maintaining a server 24/7 may be expensive, not to mention the high cost of the game itself.

You may create your own free Minecraft server with no additional fees using sites like Minehut and Aternos. We will go through how to set up a Minecraft server using Minehut in this tutorial.

How to set up Minecraft server for free using Minehut?

Visit and select the Sign Up in Seconds option to create a free game server. Fill in your name and other information on the next screen. Next, click Sign Up to complete the account creation process. When that, Minehut will automatically log you into your account after you confirm your email address.

Click the Add Server button on the account dashboard, enter the appropriate server name, and press Create. To use your free Minecraft server, click the Activate Server button when the screen has loaded. You will be asked to wait for 30 seconds while Minehut sets up the server for you. When the DDOS-protected server transfer question displays, click on the Continue button.

You can manage the current game world, add and configure Minecraft add-ons, browse game files using the file manager, start and stop the server, visit the console, and generate backups from the server dashboard. By sliding down the page, you may also modify the server’s “Message of the Day” or experiment with its settings.

As you can see, only 10 players are permitted to join the server under the free server plan. Additionally, a free account entitles you to the creation of two servers. Additionally, Minehut enables cross-platform play, allowing users from both Java and Bedrock Edition to connect to your server.

Java users of Minecraft can connect to the server directly by entering the server address in the game ( However, in order to connect to the server, Bedrock or Pocket Edition users must do an additional step. You must first connect to port 19132 of the server. To connect to the server, use “/join” in the chat window. You’ll be instantly transferred to that specific world if the server is active.

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