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How to Report Bot and Boosting Lobbies in CS2?

Boosting in CS2 refers to the practice of more seasoned players using smurf accounts to boost accounts that are ranked lower. This is simple since smurfs will only match low-ranked accounts with other low-ranking players who are simple to beat.

Similar results can be obtained by bots that augment inactive accounts by merely engaging in the game during the user’s absence. The outcome is simply to rank up, collect rewards, and finally sell the account to users who are willing to pay for the higher-ranked accounts.

Valve has officially released a set of instructions if you come across boosting lobbies or bot accounts. Following them would let to report such actions directly to Valve without having to go through their layered overwatch process.

Reddit user, DanB_Valve, who happens to be a Valve employee has urged the players who come across boosting lobbies to write an email titled “boosting report” and send it to “[email protected]“.

The email should contain a screenshot of the scoreboard along with the links to the Smurf accounts. This would lead Valve’s team to look into it and take necessary actions if accounts are found guilty.

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