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How to Play Workshop Maps in CS2?

It’s important to know that CSGO workshop maps are incompatible with CS2 before delving into the nuances of custom maps in CS2. This is because CS2 uses the sophisticated Source 2 engine, which is very different from its forerunner. There is a silver lining, though: CSGO workshop maps may be converted into CS2-compatible formats using a special workshop tool.

How to Play Workshop Maps in CS2?

  • Locating the Right Map: Begin by sourcing the custom map file from the internet.
  • Accessing the CS2 Directory: Navigate to the CS2 maps directory on your computer. Typically, this can be found under Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike 2\game\cs2\maps.
  • Importing the Map: Drag and drop or paste the downloaded map file into the aforementioned directory.
  • Launching CS2: Start the game and access the in-game console.
  • Loading the Map: In the console, type the command map %map_name%, replacing map_name with the name of your custom map. Follow any subsequent commands, and the map will load seamlessly.

For veterans of the Counter-Strike series, console commands are a familiar feature. In CS2, they make a return, but players need to activate the option to access the console. Once enabled, it becomes a powerful tool, especially for loading custom maps.

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