How to Play Valorant Maps in CSGO?

Valorant CSGO

Valorant is undoubtedly one of the best competitive shooters the world has witnessed this decade. Alongside its unique gameplay mechanics, Valorant also provided fans with some amazing maps for both competitive and casual gameplay alike.

Ever wondered if you could play Valorant maps in Valve’s legendary shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? If you have, we have you covered.

Through a video released on March 30th, popular CSGO YouTuber TheWarOwl showcased multiple Valorant maps being played in CSGO.

These maps include legendary Valorant maps like Split, Ascent and Bind.

As confirmed by WarOwl in the video himself, these maps are well-made and work wonderfully when played in CSGO. Most details of the maps, like the teleporters of Bind, are properly implemented in the CSGO versions as well, which make them extremely fun to play without constant fear of being blasted in the face by a Raze ult.

Want to try out these maps for yourself? While there are no official servers for these maps, you can gather some friends and download the maps here:

Keep in mind that these maps aren’t official, so they might have a few underlying bugs.