How to play Rust game? and who to watch?

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Recently there has been a lot of drama surrounding Rust; with big names like Shroud, xQc, and many more involved, a string of twisted narratives gave rive to greater differences among the ranks of the streamers. This begs the question for many that what is Rust, where to play it which streamers to follow?

What is Rust?

Rust is a multiplayer-only survival video game developed by Facepunch Studios released in February 2018. The target of Rust is to utilize the wilderness to accumulate materials. Players should effectively deal with their hunger and thirst Notwithstanding the presence of wild animals like bears and wolves; the essential danger to the player is other players because of the game being exclusively multiplayer. The battle is refined through guns and different weapons and vehicles constrained by non-player characters will at times wander, assaulting outfitted players.

Where To Play Rust?

With the console version due later this year, Rust is only available on PC as of now and distributed via Steam for INR 899. However 3rd party websites and stores offer the game a lucrative price. With no hints for a mobile version whatsoever, seems like the game will be available on the consoles by the end of the year and might possibly feature cross-platform play. The console version was due sooner but according to a statement from Double Eleven, the delay is due to the developer respecting the COVID-19 norms and letting their employees work from home.

Popular Rust streamers

  • Valkyrae
  • pokimane
  • shroud
  • xQc
  • Myth
  • sodapoppin
  • Asmongold

This is everything you need to know about Rust. If you are planning to get it, consider waiting for the sale to pick it up at a better price and if you are a streamer, Rust would be a good option as it is attracting a lot of views and will open up your channel to potential growth.

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