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How to play COD Warzone Mobile with a controller?

Call of Duty has always been a game that was designed to be played on consoles and even to this day COD esports tournaments are played on consoles.

With the launch of Warzone Mobile, COD has become more accessible than it ever was but it comes with the obvious limitations of a mobile device. While the portability is a big plus point, smaller devices must limit the controls when it comes to touch screens. For obvious reasons, having a controller attached to your phone makes your mobility in the game a lot smoother and in turn, gives you a better overall experience. In this article, we explore how we can connect a controller to your phone to play COD Warzone Mobile.

Playing Warzon Mobile with a controller is fairly simple. All you need is a Bluetooth-enabled controller and while PS and Xbox controllers are confirmed to be supported, there are a range of other wireless controllers that should work just as well with it.

The process of pairing your controllers to your phone is almost the same for all types of consoles. Be it a DualShock an Xbox controller or any third-party Bluetooth-enabled one, simply put it in pair mode and connect it to your phone. Fire up Warzone and the controller should appear under your settings, customize it to your needs and you are good to go.

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