How To Moan in CSGO

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When a CSGO player looks for new keybinds, moaning would not be the first thing that comes to mind. CSGO’s developer console gives players a lot of flexibility to set up keybinds and these range from your usual grenade and weapon and bomb equip keybinds to jump throw keybinds and crosshair changers.

So how does one make their player agent moan in CSGO? Players have found ways to set up key binds that will make their player model MOAN at any moment in the game. It makes use of the radio command function, one that is used for communicating when players don’t have a mic. Radio commands are now the go to function for players to make use of the CSGO Moan keybind.

As the name suggests, upon using the CSGO moan keybind, the game will play an audio that is prebuilt in the game files. The moan audio file is used when a player dies and lets out a death cry, and the moan is heard only by the player who dies.

With the Moan keybind in CSGO, you can imitate the moaning sounds and make your teammates listen to the moan, right at the press of a button and have a good laugh or two. This isnt the first keybind that is in use to joke around with teammates or give them a scare as VAC Ban warnings, copypastas and other not so safe for work sounds have been introduced in the past as well.


The moan keybind is very simple to set up in CSGO. The player only has to write a single command in the developer console. The steps for CSGO Moan Bind:

  • Enable Developer console in settings
  • Open developer console (usually assigned to the tilde (~) key
  • Write the following command in the console
  • bind X “playerradio deathcry Moan”

The player can replace the ‘X’ with the key of their choice and assign it to any key. 

Once the keybind has been entered, pressing the key while in-game would trigger the radio command and the players would hear the moaning sound as many times as they press. 


We all know CSGO too isn’t too far behind in the number of toxic players. And the moan bind, albeit a joke can be overdone. If players keep spamming the keybind, it’ll create a very annoying cycle, rendering the players unable to hear any other audios.

Since this can hamper the playing experience, Valve may take note of it and find ways to curb it. The obvious one could be to ban the bind altogether, so players need to act quickly and try out the CSGO moan bind as soon as possible! 

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