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How to Get The Grandfather in Diablo 4

Diablo 4, a game that continues to captivate the gaming community, offers a multitude of unique items that can significantly enhance the gameplay experience. Among these treasures, the Grandfather stands out as one of the rarest, its acquisition a feat celebrated by players worldwide​​.

The Grandfather, a weapon of immense power, is not something you can directly farm. Its appearance in the game is entirely random, adding to its aura of elusiveness. This guide aims to shed light on strategies that can improve your chances of acquiring this coveted item​​.

When and How Can You Get the Grandfather In Diablo 4?

Firstly, it’s important to note that the Grandfather only becomes available after the main campaign’s completion. If you’re playing with a character that has already navigated through the campaign, you can bypass this step. As a requirement, your character should be at least at World Tier Three. However, the likelihood of the Grandfather dropping increases at World Tier Four, the game’s highest difficulty level​.

The Grandfather can drop at any point in the game, making its appearance unpredictable. It doesn’t favor any specific dungeon or activity, meaning you’re free to engage in the game as you wish. Killing enemies, opening chests, and overall active gameplay are your best bets for more drops. When you finally wield the Grandfather, it promises to significantly boost your gameplay. It can increase your critical strike damage by up to 100%, offering a substantial enhancement to your DPS​.

Boosting Your Odds To Get The Grandfather In Diablo 4?

While the Grandfather’s drop is random, certain strategies can boost your chances. Consider target farming swords during the Tree of Whisper quests and selecting sword/weapon caches. This approach also works with Helltides. However, acquiring the Grandfather remains a challenging task​.

Farming Helltides or Nightmare Dungeons (Tier 30 or higher) in a group can optimize your gear farming. Unfortunately, Diablo 4 lacks an in-game matchmaking feature for dungeons or player discovery. You’ll need to collaborate with friends or utilize Discord servers to form groups for gameplay​.

The Grandfather, while elusive, is an ultimate game-changer for Diablo 4 players. As you embark on this exciting quest, remember that patience, active gameplay, and strategic farming are your allies in this journey. Good luck, and may the odds of acquiring the Grandfather be ever in your favor!

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