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How to get the Combat Bow in Warzone Season 3

Warzone’s mid-season ‘80s Action Heroes update is here and with it came characters based on action heroes of the ‘80s like Rambo and John McClane. As part of the mid-season update, multiple ‘80s movie-themed points of interest have been added to Verdansk, including Nakatomi Plaza (Die Hard), Survival Camps (Rambo), and CIA Outpost (Rambo). 

The update also adds Rambo’s signature combat bow to the game as an all-new Killstreak. The combat bow is required to complete a challenge from the ‘80s Action Hero event. The combat bow is found in Survival Camp chest across Verdansk and is extremely powerful against enemies. The bow can launch powerful explosives tipped arrows that are extremely lethal against enemy players and can disable vehicles. 

Today we are going to talk about how you can get this all-new Killstreak in COD Warzone.

How to Get the Combat Bow in Warzone?

You can get the combat bow by looting chests found in the Rambo Survival Camps. There are 10 survival camps spread across the revamped Verdansk map. You can also find Dog Tags in the survival camps that can be exchanged at the new CIA Outpost for a reward.

  • Make your way to any of the 10 Survival Camps spread across the Verdansk map.
  • Locate the chest in the Camp.
  • Open the chest and hope for the Killstreak to drop.
  • Equip the Killstreak before it expires.

While the Killstreak is not a guaranteed drop, the chance of getting it from the chest is high and won’t take long before you have one. The Killstreak is easily recognizable among the loot you get from the chest. 

The combat bow is great for taking out vehicles or squads of enemies. While it isn’t powerful against a fully armored enemy, the explosive arrow hits like a truck and deals high damage. Since you need 3 kills to complete the ‘80s Action Hero challenge, we advise lowering enemy armor before firing the explosive shot. 

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