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Genshin Impact: How to Get Free Rewards From Frostbearing Tree

Patch 1.2 of Genshin Impact is bringing a ton of new changes to the open-world RPG by miHoYo. The upcoming patch will also bring with it a new location ‘Dragonspine’ to the title.

Dragonspine will be home for the ‘Frostbearing Tree’ which can potentially reward players with rare items. To get these items, players must offer Crimson Agate to the Frostbearing Tree. Crimson Agate is a new item that can be found in Dragonspine.

The rewards from the Frostbearing Tree include Acquaint Fate, Intertwined Fate, and other rare items.

Adventurers can offer Crimson Agate to the tree till they get to LVL 12, with each LVL offering different items.

Frostbearing Tree Rewards:

Offering LVL1st Reward2nd Reward3rd Reward
1Acquaint FateMystic Enhancement OreMora
2Acquaint FateMystic Enhancement OreMora
3Hero’s WitMystic Enhancement OreMora
4Diagram: Warming BottleMystic Enhancement OreMora
5Acquaint FateMystic Enhancement OreMora
6Intertwined FateMystic Enhancement OreMora
7Hero’s WitMystic Enhancement OreMora
8Northlander Polearm PrototypeMystic Enhancement OreMora
9Namecard Frostbearing Ancient TreeMystic Enhancement OreMora
10Diagram: FrostbearerMystic Enhancement OreMora
11Crown of InsightMystic Enhancement OreMora
12Wind Glider: Wings of Concealing SnowMystic Enhancement OreMora
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