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How to Get Diogo Jota FC Pro Live Player Item in EA FC 24?

EA Sports FC 24 is introducing an engaging way for players to enhance their Ultimate Team experience with the Diogo Jota FC Pro Live Player Item. This unique card allows players to bring the skills and flair of Liverpool’s forward, Diogo Jota, into their virtual squad.

Let’s dive into the details of how you can obtain and upgrade this coveted player item.

How to Get Diogo Jota FC Pro Live Player Item in EA FC 24?

To unlock the Diogo Jota FC Pro Live card, players must complete a series of four distinct objectives in the game:

  • Score 10: Players must score 10 goals in Squad Battles at a minimum difficulty of Semi-Pro, Rivals, or Champions.
  • Goal Scorer: This requires scoring a minimum of 2 goals in 3 separate Squad Battles on the same difficulty levels.
  • Portuguese Flair: Players need to assist with 5 goals in Squad Battles with a Portuguese player, again on Semi-Pro, Rivals, or Champions difficulty.
  • Win 8: The objective is to win a total of 8 matches in Squad Battles with at least 3 Premier League players in the starting 11, adhering to the same difficulty requirements.

It’s important to note that players have until February 3, 2024, to complete these objectives and claim the Diogo Jota FC Pro Live item​​​​.

The Upgraded Diogo Jota Card

Once obtained, the Diogo Jota card boasts an 86 rating, making it a valuable addition to any squad. Its attributes include 85 pace, 85 shooting, 86 dribbling, and 80 physical, offering a balanced and potent option in the forward position. There is also the potential for further upgrades, enhancing its appeal​​.

Upgrade Potential

The Diogo Jota FC Pro Live player item in EA FC 24 doesn’t follow the same upgrade path as previous promos. Instead of being paired with a professional EA FC 24 player for upgrades, this item has its unique upgrade trajectory. Currently, there is an indication that the item might reach an overall rating of 87 through a future objective, adding to its desirability among players​​.

Participating in the FC Pro Live event to obtain and upgrade the Diogo Jota card offers a unique and rewarding challenge in EA Sports FC 24. With its strong initial rating and potential for further enhancement, this player item is an attractive target for both beginners and seasoned Ultimate Team enthusiasts.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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