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How to Get COD MW3’s Cheech and Chong Bundle?

Call of Duty players can now buy the Cheech and Chong bundle in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, a special bundle includes two unique operators, along with a variety of skins. It is priced at 3,000 COD points and is only available in the store but the staggering price tag has gotten the community to debate whether it would be a wise purchase.

The Cheech and Chong comes with two operator skins – one for Cheech and one for Chong along with a mix of different items. Additionally, there are three weapon blueprints to access as part of this bundle: one for the MTZ-556, one for the HRM-9 SMG, and one for the Haymaker shotgun.

The bundle has met a lot of controversy in recent times, especially by Dr Disrespect who has called the developers out for removing Nickmercs skin who said something during his live stream that he doesn’t find controversial. The same developers are promoting, drugs, bongs and marijuana in the game which doesn’t sit right given the game is played by players of different age groups.

The final sticking point with the bundle was a staggering price tag. Many would agree that unless you have a hole burning in your pocket, the 3000 COD points are too much for a bundle that offers what the Cheech and Chong offer. If you still find value in it, it is available in the store for 3000 COD points.

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