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How to Get Cactus in Minecraft, Even if You’re Not in a Desert

Minecraft, a sandbox game renowned for its diverse array of blocks, offers players a multitude of farming, building, and crafting opportunities. Among the game’s vast selection of plant blocks, the cactus stands out due to its unique mechanics and uses. This article will guide you through the intriguing world of Minecraft cacti, from their discovery to their various applications.

What is Cactus in Minecraft?

Cacti in Minecraft are plant blocks with intriguing mechanics. Like their real-world counterparts, Minecraft cacti are spiky plants that inflict gradual damage on players or mobs that come into contact with them. Even the most robust armor can’t fully protect you from this damage, and it also suffers wear and tear in the process. Interestingly, cacti have a peculiar feature: they can delete items, much like lava. Any item tossed onto a cactus is instantly evaporated, and not even the strongest netherite items can withstand this prickly plant.

Cacti have specific planting rules. They can only be placed on sand, red sand, suspicious sand, or other cacti. Moreover, no other block can be placed directly adjacent to a cactus. If a new cactus block grows, it will immediately break if there’s a block attached to its side. This mechanic is crucial for the operation of cactus farms.

Where to Find Cactus in Minecraft

Cacti are exclusive to the dry biomes of the Minecraft world. Your best bet for finding cacti is in the nearest desert biome, the primary habitat for this resilient plant. Another location to explore is the Badlands biome, although cacti are more common in deserts. You can mine a cactus block with any tool or even your hand, and you won’t take damage while doing so. If you’re fortunate enough to find an igloo with a basement, you might discover a potted cactus inside. Cacti can also generate in pots and chests in some desert village houses. If you’re unable to locate any of these biomes, a wandering trader can sell you a cactus for three emeralds.

Best Uses of Cactus in Minecraft

Cacti have several unique uses in Minecraft. Here are some of the things you can do with cacti blocks:

Crafting Green Dye

Green dye is essential for coloring blocks like terracotta, glass, concrete blocks, and Minecraft beds. The only way to obtain it is by smelting a cactus in a Minecraft furnace. This process not only yields green dye but also grants some experience points.

Breeding Camels

The introduction of camels, new passive and rideable mobs, in Minecraft 1.20 has given cacti another use. Camels can be bred using cacti, their favorite food. You can also use cacti to accelerate the growth of baby camels.


Cacti can be placed in a composter in Minecraft, where they have a 50% chance of raising the compost level. If you have a cactus farm, you can stock up on bone meal this way, which is essential for farms like a tree farm.


Cacti can be used as cool-looking house plants to decorate your Minecraft house.

Trash Can

Cacti can serve as trash cans in your Minecraft world, especially if you have too many items of a certain type. Since cacti destroy items, they can help reduce lag caused by items scattered on the ground.

In conclusion, cacti in Minecraft are more than just prickly plants. They offer a range of uses, from crafting dyes and breeding camels to composting and decoration. So, the next time you venture into the desert biome, don’t forget to collect some cacti!

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