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How to get a secret ending in Returnal PS5

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PlayStation 5 just got its newest exclusive title, Returnal, a psychological horror game.
Returnal is a fairly lengthy game, with an average duration of ~20 hours, while some might complete it under 15 hours due to missing out on the secret ending.

Returnal has 3 acts, with Acts 1 and 2 having three biomes each. The game does not end after defeating the final boss in Act 2, instead, you’ll have to collect six Sunface Fragments to experience the true ending.

Act 1 has three biomes – Overgrown Ruins, Crimson Wastes, and Derelict Citadel, while Act 2 has the following biomes – Echoing Ruins, Fractured Wastes, and Abyssal Scar. You’ll need to access the Time Machine inside Helios’ Armory then travel to Act 1, and then Act 2 once you’re done with all the biomes, you won’t drop the fragments if you die.

Sunface Fragment Locations:

Since the map changes every time, it’s impossible to pinpoint the fragments to a specific location, however, you may find them in the described rooms.

  • Overgrown Ruins: The fragment is inside a room with a long gap that you can cross with the help of the Delphic Visor.
  • Crimson Wastes:  In the desert located on top of the tower, you’ll need to use the Delphic Visor once again to create the platforms.
  • Derelict Citadel: Using the Hadal Ballasts, jump into the water body at the end of the long bridge that leads to Act 1’s boss and pick up the fragment.
  • Echoing Ruins: Inside the room that’s filled with a lava-like substance, cross the room to get the fragment.
  • Fractured Wastes: You can find a giant turret in the center of the room here, use the Delphic Visor to create platforms to reach the fragment.
  • Abyssal Scar: Inside a room that has multiple platforms on each side, once again use the Delphic Visor, cross the platforms and the last fragment should be on a Podium.

House Sequences:

After collecting all six fragments, you’ll have to finish Act 1 and 2’s house sequences which are in Overgrown Ruins and Echoing Ruins. Upon finishing the last sequence, you’ll be taken to a room where you can find a car key with an Astronaut Keyrin, this is an important item that is required to unlock the ending.

Run through Act 2 again: 

For the last step, you’ll have to finish Act 2 all over again and defeat Ophion once more. Once he’s done for, jump inside the crater and head towards the car with flashing headlights. Now you can use the key you previously acquired to unlock the car and the secret ending.

Enjoy your gold PS Trophy!

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