How to Get 5880 Bonus UC in PUBG Mobile?

pubg mobile 5880 uc

Are you an avid PUBG Mobile player looking to level up your gaming experience? Good news awaits you! PUBG Mobile has recently launched an exhilarating event called “Purchase Rewards,” where you not only satisfy your craving for additional UC but also unlock the latest skins and cosmetics at reduced costs. Let’s delve into the captivating details of this event and discover how it can fulfill your dreams of abundant UC and enhanced customization options.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity! The “Purchase Rewards” event is available only until June 22nd. Act swiftly to maximize your benefits.

How to Get 5880 Bonus UC in PUBG Mobile?

Here’s a breakdown of the bonus UC you can earn based on your PUBG Mobile UC purchases:

  • Purchase 60 UC and receive an additional 60 UC.
  • Purchase 300 UC and enjoy an extra 200 UC.
  • Purchase 600 UC and receive a bonus of 220 UC.
  • Purchase 1500 UC and unlock a remarkable reward ranging from 220 to 900 UC.
  • Purchase 3000 UC and gain access to an impressive bonus of 300 to 1500 UC.
  • Purchase 6000 UC and obtain an astounding bonus ranging from 400 UC to a whopping 3000 UC.

As you ascend to higher tiers by purchasing 1500 UC or more, brace yourself for an electrifying surprise! The bonus UC rewards become dynamic, presenting you with a thrilling range of 220 to 900 UC. This unpredictable reward system injects an element of excitement into the event, granting you the chance to earn a significant amount of UC. With this boost, you can effortlessly acquire sought-after items, personalize your gaming style, and truly stand out from the crowd.

Your game experience also gets improved by the “Purchase Rewards” event. You can buy the exclusive skins, cosmetics, and other in-game stuff you’ve always wanted with the bonus UC you earn. With the newest options available, unleash your creativity and give your character personality. The options are unlimited, from a chic new look to a dazzling weapon skin. Make a statement on the battlefield with your distinctive style.

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