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Cyberpunk 2077: How to Free Brick in The Pickup

Freeing Brick is one of the harder side quests in Cyberpunk 2077. On your venture in the mission called “The Pickup”, you will have the choice to pick up a side quest where you have to free a guy called Brick. To free him, you’ll need to figure out the code which will be easy to get your hands on once you read through this guide.

Brick will be found stuck in a cell on your escape from All Foods. Behind one of the locked doors, he can be found asking you to help him escape. It could have been much easier if the room was not secured by a code which can be found next door, on a laptop. Boot into the laptop and make your way to the messages tab and scroll through until you find the “only you guys know” message and read it.

“Brick’s been demoted to cage duty. Code’s 9691. Keep it to yourselves.” is what said in the message. Thus that solves the problem of the code. You can either go and look for yourself or just punch in this number in the lock of Brick’s room.

Brick will be tied to a chair with a laser marking his position. Make sure to disarm the device as the laser is connected to an explosive. Upon disarming, interact with Brick to complete the mission. Brick seems far from grateful, rather he is annoyed but promises to cover your back in the future if he ever gets a chance. Given, how the story is building, there might come a time where you’ll need him to keep his promise.

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