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How to Find Stalker Nests in Helldivers 2?

The battle against the Stalkers begins with the crucial task of finding their nests. Players have developed two effective strategies to uncover these hidden lairs. The first method involves keen observation of the Stalkers’ attack patterns. By noting the direction from which these creatures emerge, players can trace their path back to the source—the Stalker nest itself. This tactic requires vigilance and a strategic approach to movement, pushing through the terrain in the direction of the incoming Stalkers.

The second method leverages the game’s map system to identify potential nest locations. Players have discovered that dark spots on the map can often indicate the presence of a Stalker hive. By placing a pin on these suspicious areas, which then transforms into a box, players can pinpoint the location of a nest from a distance.

This innovative approach significantly reduces the time spent in search and directs players straight to their targets. However, it’s worth noting that this map-based method might be an unintended feature, suggesting that players should utilize it while it remains effective, as future updates may alter or remove this capability.

Upon locating a Stalker nest, the next step is its destruction. This can be achieved through the use of explosive ammunition or by the simple act of tossing a grenade into the nest. Successful elimination of a nest is confirmed by the cessation of the orange light emanating from it, accompanied by an on-screen notification.

When it comes to dealing with Stalkers themselves, preparedness and alertness are key. Despite their ability to become nearly invisible, their silhouettes can still be discerned in foggy conditions or under the cover of night. The primary threat posed by Stalkers is their capacity to disorient players by throwing them into the air, a tactic that becomes increasingly dangerous when faced with multiple attackers. To survive encounters with these agile adversaries, players must remain vigilant and ready to respond to threats from all directions.

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