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How to Find Pandas in Minecraft

The Minecraft world is not only filled with mobs that intend to kill you, but also with a variety of animals that the players can choose to befriend and breed. Over the years since its initial release, more and more animals have been added to the game like sheep, pigs, cows, or parrots that spice up the gameplay for the players. 

If players are looking for a more interesting animal to pet, pandas might just be a great option. Pandas are one of the rarer animals in the Minecraft world, but can still be found pretty easily if you’re looking for them at the right places.

Let’s take a look at the places where you can find pandas in Minecraft. 

Where to Find Pandas in Minecraft

Pandas are primarily located in jungles and bamboo jungles in-game. Even if a player manages to find one of these biomes, they have to get quite lucky for a panda (or two) to spawn there.

Pandas generally spawn alone and occasionally in pairs. They are neutral towards the player at first, which means that the animal won’t attack you till you mess with it.

Look for the pandas in the grass tiles of the above-mentioned biomes, and you’ll eventually find yourself a panda. On rare occasions, you’ll find yourself a brown and white panda, which are a lot harder to find that the black snd white pandas.

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