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How to Find Hall of Whispers in Fortnite?

One of the standout challenges in this year’s Fortnitemares is the quest that tasks players with navigating from Secluded Spire to the Hall of Whispers without making contact with water. Successfully completing this quest rewards players with a generous 15,000 XP and contributes to the Sneak Like Shadow set.

The Hall of Whispers is strategically placed just southwest of Brutal Bastion on the Chapter 4 Season 4 map. A body of water separates it from the Secluded Spire, which is perched on a small hill southwest of Slappy Shores.

How to Find Hall of Whispers in Fortnite?

Embarking on this quest requires a strategic approach to avoid water contact. Players can opt to jump directly from the Battle Bus to Secluded Spire and employ one of the following methods to ensure a dry journey to the Hall of Whispers:

  • Building Materials: Gather resources and build a pathway across the water.
  • Crash Pad Jrs: Find and use Crash Pad Jrs to launch over the water.
  • Bridge Crossing: For Zero Build players, simply walk across the bridge spanning the river.
  • Rocket Ram: Locate a Rocket Ram in the vicinity and propel yourself across.

Upon reaching the Hall of Whispers without touching the water, a notification will appear, confirming the quest’s completion and the addition of 15,000 XP to your account.

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Aritra Patra
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