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How to Find and Use Digipicks in Starfield?

In Starfield players must master the art of lockpicking using digipicks, a unique tool designed to navigate the intricate locks scattered across the game’s vast star systems.

With the aid of digipicks, players in Starfield can move through the numerous locks that can be discovered on different planets and star systems. Do not worry if this mechanism seems a little difficult to understand. In Starfield, a circular system serves as the foundation of lockpicking. For the treasure to be properly unlocked, players must carefully place picks into the appropriate layers.

Players use digipicks to insert pins into the open areas of each layer, moving on to the next layer once they’ve successfully done so. Players rotate their digipick setups to find the optimal slot in this patient and precise game. Once the key is securely fastened, it must be removed using a lockpick. It’s important to remember that every lock in Starfield needs a digipick to open it.

How to Find Digipicks in Starfield?

The good news for players is that digipicks are abundant in the Starfield universe. Initially, players acquire these invaluable tools upon discovering the remains of a Xenobiologist named Dr. Hayden Wynn. As the game progresses, players can source digipicks from a plethora of locations, both animate and inanimate. Whether it’s purchasing a set from a general store for a mere 35 credits or acquiring them through more covert means, such as pickpocketing, the options are vast.

For those keen on enhancing their lockpicking prowess, investing in the “Security Skill” is a wise move. This upgrade not only facilitates the unlocking of advanced locks but also offers the luxury of auto-unlocks for those less enthusiastic about the lockpicking aspect of Starfield.

How to Use Digipicks in Starfield?

While understanding the theory is beneficial, the real skill lies in the application. Here’s a step-by-step guide to mastering your first lockpicking challenge in Starfield:

  • Approach the lock and initiate the interaction using the designated key or button.
  • Observe the combination of inner and outer rings. The goal is to align the digipicks with the empty sections of the lock.
  • Rotate and align the digipick with the vacant layers. Once aligned, confirm your selection, unlocking the subsequent layer.
  • Continue this process, adjusting the digipicks as needed, until the final layer is unlocked, granting you access to the coveted loot.

It’s worth noting that the complexity of the locks varies based on their security level. As players progress, they’ll encounter more challenging locks, demanding greater precision and skill.

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