How To Find A Player To Duel For The TCG Quest In Genshin Impact

Find Players and Have a Duel Genshin Impact: With an uncanny resemblance to Gwent from Witcher 3, the latest Genish Impact update brings a card game under the event called The Battlefield of Dice, Cats, and Cards.

Players will have to engage in a duel with other players. The hard part here is to find an opponent to play against. Gamers are finding it difficult to find a single opponent let alone play it three times.

Find a Player and Have a Duel in Genshin Impact

Before you go all out looking for players to engage in a duel with, you must know how to find players in a proper manner and do it.

When you are about to start this mission, make sure you have collected the Casket of Tomes from Margaret. This is a new gadget introduced in the game along with the latest event update that aids in the events that follow.

This device allows you to set up your card deck and at the same time, it helps you locate if there is a player ready to engage in a battle somewhere close, which makes this a highly crucial item for the ongoing event. It lies along with other items in the inventory which makes it easy to find.

Head over to your inventory and under the gadgets tab, you will find your shiny new Casket of Tomes that Margaret gave you. Select it from there and look for the “Search for Players” option and it will automatically help you find a duel to complete the missions.

Once it has detected the players, look through the map to find the closest one, make your way to said player and engage with them. It is up to you to convince him to a duel and if they agree, all that is left is for you to take him on and win in order to progress further into the event.

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