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How to Fast Travel in Spider-Man 2?

The game’s primary attraction lies in its web-swinging mechanics. The sensation of traveling through New York as Spider-Man, feeling the wind rush past, is unparalleled. With the addition of Brooklyn, the game’s map has expanded, sometimes leaving players at opposite ends of the city. While web-swinging is a joy, there are moments when players might wish to reach their destination swiftly.

Though not immediately available, fast travel is indeed a part of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The feature stands out for its almost instantaneous travel speed. However, to truly appreciate the game, players are encouraged to swing and glide using their Web Wings. Yet, for those moments when you need to zip from Harlem to Downtown Brooklyn, fast travel is a time-saver.

How to Fast Travel in Spider-Man 2?

To access fast travel, players must achieve level 2 District Progress for each area on the game map. This involves engaging in various activities and collecting items, such as finding Spider-Bots, Prowler stashes, and more. By opening the game map, players can view icons representing different activities and a list detailing tasks that boost District Progress.

Once unlocked, pressing the Triangle button on the map initiates fast travel, whisking Spider-Man to the chosen location in a flash.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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