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How to Earn Strange Coins in Destiny 2?

Strange Coins have been a crucial part of the Destiny economy for nearly a decade, and their importance continues in Destiny 2: The Final Shape. This guide will help you understand how to earn Strange Coins and make the most of them in the game.

Strange Coins are a form of currency in Destiny 2, primarily used to purchase gear and items from Xur, the weekend Exotics vendor. Over the years, their role has evolved, but they remain a key element for players looking to acquire powerful gear and other rewards.

How to Earn Strange Coins in Destiny 2?

The primary method for earning Strange Coins is through Ritual Activities. These activities include Strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches. Completing these activities will reward you with Strange Coins, although the amount you receive can vary.

Ritual activities are considered the most reliable source of Strange Coins.

In addition to Ritual Activities, Strange Coins can drop from other world activities. Confirmed sources include Overthrow in The Pale Heart and The Final Shape campaign missions.

This provides players with multiple avenues to earn Strange Coins, ensuring they can accumulate them through various gameplay styles.

Strange Coins Destiny 2

How to Use Strange Coins?

Xur, the weekend Exotics vendor, now requires Strange Coins for purchasing gear. Players can buy new Exotics for 23 coins and Exotic Catalysts for 74 coins.

This makes Strange Coins an essential currency for those looking to enhance their arsenal with powerful items.

Spending 47 Strange Coins with Xur grants players the Favor of the Nine-timed buff. This buff increases the chance of earning bonus Strange Coins from the usual channels, potentially doubling your earning power.

This makes it a strategic move to invest in Xur’s offerings to maximize your Strange Coin earnings.

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