Fortnite is heading towards the end of Chapter Two Season Four and in the last week of this season, the set of challenges include a unique challenge in which players need to get a truck and drive it from the outside of New York to Stark Industries. This is relatively a simple mission as there is gunfight or other difficulties involved but things like Truck spawn locations may be confusing for you. Here is a simple way to complete this mission.

How to deliver a semi truck from Upstate New York to Stark Industries?

Driving a truck from outer side of Upstate New York means you will have to grab a truck from the area which does not belong to the big circle given below. Keep in mind that this mission should be completed in the Team Rumble mode for avoiding any interruptions such as surprise attacks.

Credits: Gamepur

Drop to any one of the locations pointed in the map and get in to a truck. Remember that most of the times, trucks are clamped in solos and hence, play Team Rumble and head to any one of these points and get the truck.

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The next step is to simply drive the truck to Stark Industries and the mission will be completed. This part is self-explanatory and make sure to carry some fuel around in-case you run out of the gas and need a refill in a barren land. Completing this task in the Team Rumble mode will be relatively safe as you may not run into enemies very early in the game and hence, chances of completing the mission are very high.

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This task is very easy and you can complete it in normal mode as well but chances are, you might run into enemies at each and every major part you visit. Use these tips and complete the mission without any interruptions.